Who. Nick’s coaching is the culmination of an eclectic career to date, as he brings together in service of his clients his creativity, his own entrepreneurial leadership journey and his deep interest in both the human and commercial side of business.

His particular passion is helping executives to both discover and implement their own authentic model of effective leadership.

Following his degree in French and Russian at Oxford University, Nick began his career as a professional pianist, working largely in musical theatre in London’s West End, as well as making various TV appearances with the likes of Lionel Richie and Gary Barlow.

In 2003, he co-founded with Martha Lane Fox the karaoke company Lucky Voice, where he continues as non-Executive Chairman after 13 years as Managing Director. In growing Lucky Voice to become synonymous with high-quality karaoke experiences in the UK and increasingly overseas, Nick created a multi-faceted business which encompasses high-street leisure operations, international franchising, extensive proprietary technology and a B2C digital subscription offering.

Nick’s constant focus on self-development during this period, and his consequent evolution from self-confessed grumpy autocrat to enlightened motivational leader, inspired his move into coaching and continue to inform his approach.


  1. Graduate of the Academy of Executive Coaching
  2. Hogan Assessment Certified